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DXRacer Sentinel Series OH/SK28 Review

Posted by Filip Kapowsky on

CS Gaming Chairs will now begin with our own series of chair reviews, with what I believe is the best starting all-around gaming chair offered by DXRacer.

We will review the DXRacer OH/SK28, which comes in both orange and red. 

Why the Sentinel Series?

The Sentinel is ideal if you are want a premium chair for your PC Gaming.

Most chairs from the DXRacer brand have a wide variety of specs and utilities a first time buyer would not look into or would get lost looking up.

There is a ton of reviews on the internet from streamers or reviewers that go into the “feel” or looks of the product but don’t put it under basic testing of what a consumer would generally ask and inquire about when choosing his chair.

Lets start by looking into the specs of the OH/SK28:


Carbon Look Vinyl (PVC), PU

Chair Height

52 to 55 inches (adjustable)


3D Adjustable




Black Strong Aluminium


3" PU

Adjustable Back

Yes (135°)

Suggested user's weight limit

350 lbs / 160 kg

Suggested user's height

Up to 195 cm / 6 ft 5 in

Chair weight

66.14 lbs / 30 kg

Accessories Included

Lumbar cushion, headrest cushion


Just by looking at the basic specs, you will see that the chair is made for the above-average user. It has all the perks and utilities you would require for a comfortable time in front of your computer.

But let us dive a little deeper by asking a few questions.

I am used to moving around a lot in my chair. Will it break on me?

  • Most DXRacer chairs including the OH/SK28, are put under heavy testing and have different specs on how much weight and usage they can take. I selected the Sentinel for our first showcase since it’s the best all-arounder that can take up to 350lbs.
  • In addition, the aluminum five point base provides ample support and stability as you tilt left and right and remains stable and grounded unless excessively displacing your weight to one side.


All chairs claim they are comfortable yet in reality it sometimes is not the case. What makes the OH/SK28 different?

  • I personally need a chair that forces me to sit properly with a straight back. I have had chairs that with time will bend the sitting area downward and force the body into a bad posterior tilt. Luckily the DXRacer Sentinel Series has an adjustable angle on the seat and arm rests. This great feature on the OH/SK28 basically forces your body to sit naturally.
  • Also, the OH/SK28 comes with the Carbon Look Vinyl padding, which unlike some other chairs I have used, will force me not to move and shuffle into my seat due to sweat. I don't need to sit on a towel during long gaming sessions, and the “breathing” material keeps me very comfortable in my CS:GO matches and WoW Raiding.


I read on Reddit that sometimes it's hard to get support if there is problems with your chair?

  • And now we come to the reason why I started writing for CS Gaming Chairs in the first place. Brian and staff take great pride in customer care & satisfaction. I had issues putting my chair together since I am really bad with handy work, but I got help and assistance every step of the way by just asking. 

Now that we talked about the pros of the OH/SK28, let us take a look at what the cons are:

The only con that can come to mind is the color options. The OH/SK28 only comes in Orange and Red, which is a lot more limited than other DXRacer models. But apart from the color possibly not suiting you, I strongly approve of the Sentinel Series OH/SK28 as our go-to gaming chair on the market. 

You can view the OH/SK28/NO (Orange) and the OH/SK28/NR (Red) by clicking the links below:

DXRacer OH/SK28/NO

DXRacer OH/SK28/NR

Stay tuned with CS Gaming Chairs as we take a peek into a new CS:GO competitive map and some interesting news from the world of Overwatch and League of Legends.

About the Author: Filip “Kapowsky” Kicurovski, is a professional eSports analyst and avid gamer himself. Filip thoroughly enjoys being involved in the scene, and loves attending tournaments and collecting eSports merchandise.

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